I was invited by the Technological University of Tula-Tepeji, Mexico, to contribute with a mural commemorative work of 15 years of the Earth Charter.

The mural has merged values ​​of Earth Charter with the extraordinary environment and the cultural richness of Chapulhuacán in the Hidalgo’s Huasteca. The feeling that inspired the mural is Love, Love to the Earth, represented by several women hugging trees, mountains and flagship species, nonetheless develops visual metaphors about the principles behind the Earth Charter. The mural is driven by the woman in communion with the Earth. She is embracing the biodiversity of the rainforest as part of the interconnectedness of beings and in connection with her indigenous origins, with her spirituality and highlighting traditional crops and handicrafts.
I had the opportunity to meet the awesome environment of the region and the hospitality of the mexican people. The work has became in a transformative artistic process, in which all we (teachers, students, institutions and neighbors) could participate in the progress and see how different contributions enriched the artwork. We strengthened the bridge between Art and Nature.

Photos, autumn 2015 // Presentation on 24th October at the 2nd Forum of Green Markets // Delivery of recognition by Mirian Vilela, Executive Director of the Earth Charter // Video making of by the Academic Staff in Chapulhuacán.